The End of Bifold Wallets

Is the end of bifold wallets approaching?

You probably read our recent post about slim wallets. Are you now wondering whether this is the end of traditional bifold wallets?

Don’t worry at all. The landscape of wallets is as divergent as the world is. There is no need for you to change to a minimalistic wallet if you still prefer all the benefits of a larger wallet.

What are bifold wallets?

Bifold wallets compared to slim wallets offer more space inside. There is normally a coin compartment, different places for cards, enough space for lots of cash, bills and other papers. The classical version comes in black and was for a long time THE WALLET for men.

an example of a wallet

How do I know what I need

I understand that it can be very confusion to figure out what wallet is now best for you. Can you really go for that minimalistic wallet or do you still need a large bifold one?

Honestly, it really depends on you. If you like the idea of a big wallet, having all your things with you then stay with them. If you, however, like the idea of a light wallet, then it could be a good moment for you trying smaller versions.

Where to get a new wallet from

You can simply look it up on the internet and buy it on one of the famous online retailers, like Amazon.

If you opt for a smaller wallet, you could also go to a retail store and actually see the different types available. This is also good to get a proper feeling as you can touch the products and play a bit with them.

If you then decide one a certain product, you can still think about getting it online or offline. It is really up to you.

So this is all for the moment. I hope you are not worried that bifold wallets disappear for the storefronts anymore.


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