Best Slim Wallets 2016

What are the best slim wallets?

This article is all about slim wallets. As the name says, this kind of wallet refers to something that is less think than a normal wallet. For a list of the best slim wallets click here.

slim wallet


You can see the very specific features like:

Thin: The whole object is way smaller than a normal one. In a former post, I already talked about slimming your wallet and how I actually did it.

Focus on cards: The holder is heavily focused on cards

Missing extras: There is no extra storage, photo area or similar

Design: If you think the design and functionality are reduced on those products, then you are wrong. There are many different pieces available on the market with very nice designs. Also, the functionality is on a very high level.

With one of those wallets, you clearly set a focus on a minimalistic approach.

Let’s have a look at this youtube video that tells us a bit more about the topic:

What to consider?

The first question is whether you are really ready to leave all the clutter behind and just focus on the most important things. If you are, welcome to the club. You will love your new minimalistic lifestyle.

Second, think about the size. Do you need storage space for 4-6 cards or way more? This decision is very important because it will lead you to a different size.

Thirdly, you should check some possible options and probably consider some branded objects where you know that the quality will be high. Secrid, for example, is a leader of small wallets and you should consider their products. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not telling you to definitively get one of their wallets. I just think it is a good advise to check their products out so you know how a good quality product should look like.

Not 100% sure yet?

You think such wallets could be good for you but you are not 100% sure yet?

I recommend you choose your new wallet and just give it a try. Keep your old large wallet somewhere home as a backup. If your test doesn’t work to your satisfaction, you can always go back to your old one.

So, ready for it? Use the link above and start browsing for your new wallet.

Fee free to leave a comment on how it went for you.


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