The design aspect of wallets

We all know the famouse saying cloths are making people.

We define us through the actual cloths we are waearing. We give us a certain touch or type of direction. I personally think this is not only true with clothes themselfs but also with the wallet we use.

Imagine this Harley Davidson guy. He looks though, has mussles and drives around with his heavy bike. What kind of wallet do you see on him?

Clearly, this guy caries a chain wallet with himself. The chain further implies his style of rough life. The wallet itself certainly looks a bit worn of. This is, aswell, a very specific marker for his life stlye.

Just to be clear, this style i mean:


You got my point?

Just watch out next time when you see one of those guys.


Another example are business people. They want to impress in a completely different way. They are suposed to look trustworthy. They wear suits and formal clothes.

What kind of wallet do ou see on them?

Of couse a black, simple wallet. Likely to be a classical bifold or trifold wallet. Arranged to perfection, cards, business cards, money, slips in it. All the things you imagine.

This style of wallet helps them underlaying the style of life they want to imply.

Do you see what I mean?

Wallets are important drivers to peoples style!!!

That was all for today 🙂


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